Saturday, April 18, 2015


Los Angeles County is the local health department that is in charge of water monitoring in Avalon Bay. According to the State, the local health officer or the local department, may at his or its discretion close, post warning signs, or otherwise restrict use of said public beach or public water-contact sports area.

When results of the water quality tests exceed California State standards, beaches are posted with warning signs in the vicinity of the high indicator bacteria counts. These signs indicate that contact with water in the area may increase the risk of illness to a swimmer. If follow-up tests indicate bacteria levels below the State standards, the signs are removed. If the bacterial levels are still higher, the signs remain posted on the beaches until the next week of testing.

The warning sign most often seen on Avalon Bay beaches - white bordered by red and black stripes - is posted when bacteria exceedances occur in areas not adjacent to, or influenced by, storm drains. It is to advise the public of the potential risk associated with swimming in ocean water. The beach remains open, and people swim based on their own comfort level of risk. (City of Avalon)

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