Thursday, April 2, 2015

Catalina Island Background Information

Catalina Island's primary industry is tourism and hosts more than 800,000 visitors each year. The island itself is 76 square miles in area, 85% of which is in a conservancy area to be maintained in its natural state in perpetuity. The picturesque and leisurely seaport village of Avalon has a permanent population of around 3,127.

Catalina Island is part of Los Angeles County. The City of Avalon's annual budget is approximately $15,000,000. Catalina Island has a resident population of 3,696—with 3,127 residing in Avalon and about 150 residents at Two Harbors and the nearby USC Marine Center.

On an average day, there are 1,100 overnight visitors in Avalon’s hotels. On a peak day, Avalon may host as many as 6,400 overnight visitors at its hotels, vacation homes, and moorings, and 2,400 day-visitors primarily from cruise ships. On a peak day, Two Harbors may host as many as 4,700 visitors at its moorings, campground, and private camps in the vicinity.  ( L.A. Times, 3/16/2010, WaterWorldCity of AvalonSanta Catalina Island Final Municipal Service Review, Prepared by Burr Consulting, May 4, 2004.)

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