Saturday, April 11, 2015

CPUC Decision on SCE Rate Increase Application

Southern California Edison Company's Rate Increase for Santa Catalina Island Water Operations

A10-11-009 Application of Southern California Edison Company for Authority to, Among Other Things, Increase its Authorized Revenues for Santa Catalina Island Water Operations, and to Reflect that Increase in Rates.

PROPOSED OUTCOME:  Adopts all-party settlement agreement on revenue requirement and rate design for Southern California Edison Company’s (SCE) Santa Catalina Water operations. ® Closes the proceeding.

SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Allows SCE’s Catalina Water operations to continue to provide safe, reliable water at reasonable rates.

ESTIMATED COST: ® Average water users will see a 31.37% increase in their monthly rate from $74.04 to $97.27. Includes a $8.895 million rate base transfer to SCE’s electric customers and $2.485 million capital disallowance borne by SCE shareholders.  (CPUC, p. 24)

This proceeding is categorized as Ratesetting

[ALJ Proposed Decision]

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